Our platform standardizes transparency across your AI portfolio

Saidot enables transparency, explainability and accountability in AI

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A register for your

AI systems

On Saidot platform, algorithmic systems are registered and given unique identifiers. This will create your AI register. AI register is a complete and systematic view into your whole AI portfolio, regardless of your underlying technologies and partners. It is a basis for systematic governance and transparent communication.

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Metadata models for strandardising transparency

We standardise transparency by providing a modular metadata model that organisations and ecosystems can adapt for easy AI governance and transparency. Our metadata models are adaptable to organisation and sector-specific requirements, whilst securing interoperability between different versions.

Saidot users interface the metadata model through benchmark workflows uniquely designed for people developing and communicating of your AI. Once information is created in the Saidot platform, we will help adapt it to your different audiences and channels of communication.

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Designs and plugins for communicating effectively

Once you’re ready documenting and capturing the needed information, you can sign-up for our tools to publish your system transparency via public AI registers or your consumer applications. Our design system is your library of proven user-friendly templates and themes for transparency communication. We're beyond excited about co-developing and trying out new channels and more personalized forms of transparency with our customers.

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Tools for consumer participation and collecting explicit feedback

Transparency should never be an end-goal, but rather a means for consumer participation and feedback. Ultimately, transparency will initiate a dialogue with your customers and result in continuous improvement.

In it's most personalised form, we create personalised explainaibility interactions for your consumers. We will help you get the most out of these conversations to improve your algorithms.

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Trusted partner for operating AI governance and transparency

Wherever you are with your responsible AI journey, our experts can help you find the right next step. We help our customers to move from ad-hoc into systematic AI governance and communication. Our experts can help you in operating your AI registers, developing explainers for your algorithms, conducting algorithmic impacts assessments, or educating your teams of trustworthy AI. Let us know how we can help you.