Systematize responsible AI with efficiency and ease
World-leading platform trusted by companies and governments around the world. Saidot helps you adapt AI governance and transparency best practices for trust and compliance.
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#1 SaaS platform for AI GOVERNANCE

Secure your AI trust and compliance

Apply best practice AI governance methodology and templates

Build your AI register and apply a systematic AI governance process and workflow across your AI portfolio. Saidot's AI policy templates help you understand the ethical best practices and regulative standards and take action.

Take control of your AI supply chain responsibility

Send transparency requests to your AI suppliers to ensure partner alignment with ethical principles and AI policies. Review partner product transparency and receive updates on product changes.

Report applied use cases and potential issues and incidents to your AI suppliers. Explore potential AI providers from Saidot’s responsible AI marketplace.

Communicate transparently and engage with your stakeholders

Saidot’s designs and transparency features help you communicate understandably about AI with your customers and other key stakeholders.

Share individual systems confidentially with trusted stakeholders such as oversight boards or auditors. Publish individual systems or an entire portfolio in an AI register microsite. Embed Saidot platform data to any digital services with the help of our APIs.

Educate your teams with easy to use, contextual user guidance

Collaborate and co-govern your AI products with colleagues in business, sustainability, legal, and technical teams. Saidot user guides on AI policy templates enable fast policy adaptation by multi-disciplined teams and nudges on progress, potential risks and best practice mitigations.

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AI principles into practice

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