Data Ethics Requirements for RM6200 Artificial Intelligence Suppliers

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The Data Ethics Requirements for RM6200 Artificial Intelligence Suppliers sets out the UK Government's data ethics requirements for suppliers of artificial intelligence. The aim of the requirements is to ensure that high standards of ethical conduct are upheld when adopting technologically assisted decision-making in the public sector. The policy builds on the principles and recommendations in the Committee on Standards and Public Life’s report 'Artificial Intelligence and Public Standards'. The requirements are directed at suppliers offering AI services to public sector organisations in the UK. The requirements cover the following topics: system purpose, consent and control, privacy and cybersecurity, explainability, ethical considerations in relation to data limitations, fairness and bias, concept drift, interoperability, due diligence on existing algorithms or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, documentation on toolkit and auditability, lifecycle management, as well as supplier skills. 

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