WSJ Pro Artificial Intelligence - Finns Add Voice to Debate Over Ethical AI

NEW YORK—During her visit to an AI-focused gathering at the Finnish Consulate in New York, Saidot’s CEO, Meeri Haataja, spoke about how Finland could maintain its crown as the happiest country in the world by embracing ethical development of AI technology. Wall Street Journal Pro Artificial Intelligence interviewed Meeri for their article.

An essential part of the Finnish happiness roots to the high level of public trust. As AI keeps changing our society, the next challenge for Finland will be to find the means to retain happiness and trust in the algorithmic age. Key players in this will be transparency and accountability.

Saidot’s software was built to enable the ethical advancement of AI by asking questions about the creators and the data an application uses to make decisions. The aim is to automate the collection of data by communicating directly with applications, Meeri explains.

“So basically, it’s a way to capture all the right data so that in the end, for this organization’s [AI] assets it has all the necessary data in place so they can start discussing with certifiers and auditors and say ‘OK, come and look at how these systems work.’” – Meeri Haataja

This article was originally published 26 April, at Wall Street Journal Pro Artificial Intelligence by Jared Council.

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Photo by Paula Ojansuu