Introducing Saidot Policy Template for AI Deployers

March 18, 2022

Providing transparency to your product deployers, operators and users can seem like an overwhelming task, particularly when done without the right set of tools. Saidot is happy to introduce its newest addition of policy templates for efficient AI governance and transparency: the Instructions for Use.

The European Union’s draft regulation, the AI Act, lays down harmonized rules on AI within the Union. The Act takes a risk-based approach to AI regulation, categorizing AI systems into four groups according to the risk they can cause to human beings: unacceptable risk, high-risk, limited/transparency risk, and minimal risk. The proposed regulation reinforces the requirements set by its predecessor, the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence by setting regulatory requirements for the need of AI transparency. As a new way to increase AI transparency, the proposed Act requires the providers of high-risk AI system, systems that create a high risk to the health and safety or fundamental rights of persons, to accompany their AI systems with instructions for use.

The main idea of the instructions of use is to provide transparency to the deployers of the system by allowing them to understand how your system works and to oversee it operates as intended. The instructions of use provide an excellent concept for transparency that companies supplying AI products can already start applying in practice when providing transparency to their customers.

Saidot’s policy template on instructions for use provides you with a clear and easy-to-use template for ensuring that you meet and comply with the requirements set by the proposed Act. All our templates are accompanied by an contextual user guide, helping you to document your system in accordance with the documentation requirements of the specific template. The template in combination with Saidot platform’s other capabilities, including but not limited to: vendor compliance, stakeholder transparency and transparency reporting provide a one-stop for AI governance.

You can download our policy template overview from this link.

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