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Our customers

Saidot develops and operates the City of Amsterdam's Algorithm Register

Saidot develops and operates the City of Helsinki's AI Register

Saidot curates AI ethics within
the EU Horizon 2020 Elise program

Saidot helps Finnair establish
ethics and transparency in AI

Saidot chairs the IEEE Ethics Certification Program for AI Systems (ECPAIS) 

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Our mission is to help companies and governments develop and deploy trustworthy AI. Put simply, our technology platform helps you deliver transparent and explainable AI services that people can trust.

Our vision for the future is one where people, organizations and smart systems are connected through openness, dialogue, and new forms of cooperation.




Saidot is a technology platform for teams, who want to make their AI transparent and explainable, and invite their end-users into a dialogue around transparency. Our platform allows individuals and organizations to cooperate in creating registers of transparent AI systems, built on a foundation of accountability. Our transparency design system and integration tools will help our customers to publish their AI transparency through public AI registers, and deploy transparency features in their AI powered consumer applications.

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