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Our mission is to help companies, governments, and organizations develop and deploy responsible AI ecosystems. Put simply, we want to help deliver transparent, accountable AI services that people can trust.

Our vision for the future is one where people, organizations and smart systems are connected through openness, sharing, dialogue, and new forms of cooperation.




We enable trustworthy algorithmic systems by improving the transparency and accountability of AI. Our service allows organizations to cooperate in creating transparent AI systems built on a foundation of accountability. We connect our customers and their partners through an ecosystem of services, standards and certificates to validate their intelligence system’s trustworthiness.

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Saidot is a first-of-its-kind algorithm shepherd and cat herder.
Gisele Waters, Ph.D
Founder, Engineering Hearts™
"Saidot’s visionary AI identity management platform provides the critical means for transparency, accountability and implementation of ethics certifications into practice."
Dr. Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios
Managing Director IEEE Standards Association
"Saidot's innovative technological solution provides the concrete means to tackle the challenge of responsible development of AI with a great and ethically-aligned team and culture."
Juho Väiste,
University of Turku,
University of Turku, Turku AI Society
"Saidot’s solution allows responsible organisations to collaborate on gathering data on how their algorithmic systems work."
Dr. Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios
Managing Director IEEE Standards Association