Our mission is to help organizations of any size, anywhere, build a better world by creating AI people can trust.

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Responsible AI

& Transparency

Our platform allows organizations adopt systematic AI governance workflows and documentation methodology in align with ethical standards and regulatory requirements. We enable efficient collaboration on AI governance within your own organization, and across your supply chain.

Our transparency designs and tools help you communicate about your AI with your customers and other key stakeholders, and deploy transparency features in your AI powered applications.

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Our vision for the future is one where people, organizations and smart systems are connected through openness, dialogue, and new forms of cooperation. We bring trust to human-AI interactions.

Our customers and partners

Saidot develops and operates the City of Amsterdam's Algorithm Register

Saidot develops and operates the City of Helsinki's AI Register

Saidot curates AI ethics within
the EU Horizon 2020 Elise program

Saidot helps Finnair establish
ethics and transparency in AI

Saidot chairs the IEEE Ethics Certification Program for AI Systems (ECPAIS) 

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