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Responsible AI built on key knowledge

Apply leading AI governance knowledge to your AI systems for maximum governance confidence with minimum delay.

How to accelerate safe AI deployment?
Systematic AI governance is crucial to ensure both safety and high performance of AI. But with ever-evolving risks, foundation models, and regulations, it’s ever more challenging to keep AI under control while quickly getting the results you’re hoping for. So, we asked ourselves: How could we help accelerate safe AI deployment?
Make AI governance faster with Saidot.
Saidot is a SaaS platform for efficient AI governance to unlock AI's promise responsibly.

It is an advanced AI lifecycle management tool for ensuring safe and ethical AI, founded on cutting-edge knowledge and leading best practices.

Key benefits

All information in one place

Create an inventory of your AI systems using our extensive knowledge library and reusing your assets.

Efficient compliance

Understand, implement and document regulatory requirements for AI systems, e.g. the EU AI Act.

Risks under control

Identify, assess, mitigate and monitor AI-related risks with the help of Saidot's risk library.

Keeping up to date

Stay updated on regulations, risks, and models that are relevant for your AI system.

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The philosophy behind our product

High-quality AI governance is built on always up-to-date knowledge.

Changes in the field are hard to keep up with, which means you have no time to start AI governance from scratch. That's why we built a tool that has the latest knowledge you need to make AI governance easier, more efficient and up to date.

AI product and business teams should be in the centre of AI governance.

They should be accountable for the impact of AI. However, AI governance requires cross-functional collaboration. With Saidot, you can bring all your expertise together and support systematic processes. Plus, we won't charge you by the seat.

Evaluating AI is crucial to understand its performance and risks.

Just like in any natural sciences, we need to run tests to verify how models perform and behave. Saidot has the widest collection of methods for you to regularly evaluate your AI's safety and performance. We also run evaluations to keep you updated on major changes.

Organisations should be transparent about their use of AI.

You don't need to share your business secrets but should be open about how your AI affects users, customers, and other stakeholders around you. Saidot enables you to easily publish transparency reports directly from your documentation, avoiding double work.

Who is Saidot for?

Product & data science teams

Apply systematic governance at every step of your system lifecycle. Understand regulative requirements and implement your system in alignment with them. Identify and mitigate risks, and monitor performance of your AI systems.

Legal & compliance teams

Access a wide range of AI regulations and evaluate whether your intended use cases are allowed under the EU AI Act, for example. Operationalise legal requirements via templates and collaborate with AI teams to ensure effortless compliance.

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170+ organisations are using the new Saidot.

"Easy and intuitive to use, good that can edit all the steps of the way. Using the library information is great."

–Human Resources, UK

"Probably the most compelling product I've seen, something that is practical and useful, the only product that covers the full end-to-end process."

–Financial services, United States

"Unique components that are rarely found together in one tool: Risks, policies, evaluations, models, datasets."

–Media, Finland

"I think it's a great source of information for anyone planning to scale the use of AI in their organisation."

–Human Resources, Finland

“Information about general risks of foundation models serves as a basis for a more detailed model evaluation.”

–Media, Finland

“I like the ability to look up how regulations affect our business. It made reading the regulations easier.”