Make responsible AI finally simpler

Saidot is a tool to help you build and deploy safe, ethical, and transparent AI.

Best practices

Build on best practices

Govern your AI according to best practices beyond legal requirements.

Best practice templates icon
Best practice templates

Take into use AI policies from an extensive library of templates based on leading best practices.

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Always compliant

AI regulation is in constant flux. With Saidot, you can rest assured you’ll always have the latest policies at hand and explained.

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Guides your every step

Meeting AI policies can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you every step of the way to securing compliance.


Constantly curated resources on AI governance

Check out what you need to take into account and what Saidot can support you with.

Manage risks

Identify and mitigate AI risks

Evaluate and implement safety systems for your AI.

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Find best-suited models

Saidot offers a curated library of foundation models, evaluations and risks, making your model selection easy.

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Assess and mitigate risks

Saidot helps you set metrics and evaluate your AI based applications, and put in place safety systems.

Monitor models icon
Monitor and oversee models

Models are constantly changing. We will keep you informed of changes that may pose risks or require action.


Amsterdam builds trust in AI with Saidot

Learn how Amsterdam builds trust through transparency with Saidot.


Make AI transparent

Educate and inform your AI stakeholders and collect human feedback.

Saidot AI Governance Platform Transparency Report Mockup
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Share transparency reports

Publish user-friendly reports to guide your users and stakeholders on how your AI works.

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Procure AI responsibly

Demand transparency and manage third-party compliance with your AI policies.

Add multiple editors icon
Add multiple editors

In a simple flow, you can edit any reports you’ve published for the world to see.