Knowledge to succeed with AI governance

Unlock the potential of AI safely with the most up-to-date AI governance information using Saidot Library.

Why we launched Saidot Library?
AI is advancing rapidly, and keeping up with its capabilities, risks and emerging policies is crucial for future success. So, we asked ourselves: How could we centralise all key AI governance information, so you don’t need to dig deep into various sources to make well-informed decisions on your AI systems?
What is
Saidot Library?
Saidot Library is your go-to place for the information you need to succeed with AI governance. It offers constantly curated details on numerous foundation models, risks, policies and regulations.
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Our Mission
Unlocking the potential of AI
We believe AI can be a force for good if used responsibly. That's why we're building technology for aligning AI with human values.
Our Team
Diverse global team
We've built a diverse team of mission-driven AI experts with backgrounds in LLM engineering, data, law, design and business.

Saidot Library helps you:

Understand regional and industry-specific requirements for AI systems.
Identify various AI risks and implement best practices to mitigate them.
Learn about various foundation models and how they perform in different tasks.

Who is Saidot Library for?

Product & data science teams

Understand and stay updated on the foundation models you use. Compare their performance in different tasks. Identify risks and get mitigation suggestions.

Legal & compliance teams

Access a wide range of AI regulations and evaluate whether your intended use cases are allowed under the EU AI Act, for example.

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Here's why our users love Saidot Library:

"I think it's a great source of information for anyone planning to scale the use of AI in their organisation."

“Information about general risks of foundation models serves as a basis for a more detailed model evaluation.”

“I like the ability to look up how regulations affect our business. It made reading the regulations easier.”