AB 1651 Workplace Technology Accountability Act

California State Assembly

Privacy and data protection
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Regulative proposal
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Private and public sector

Policy overview

The AB 1651 Workplace Technology Accountability Act is a bill proposed in 2022 that aims to regulate employers and vendors collection and use of worker data. The bill aims to protect the privacy and data rights of workers while regulating employer data practices. More specifically, the bill would confer the right to workers to know, review, correct, and secure data collected from them by their employer and would limit the ability of an employer to use that data beyond specified purposes. The bill would impose various limitations on the collection and use of data via electronic monitoring, would impose limitations on the purpose and effect of using automatic decision systems (ADS) and would require employers to prepare and publish impact assessments for the use of various technologies. The proposed bill would apply to both California employers and vendors acting on behalf of employers who collect employee data, engage in electronic monitoring, or employ automated tools for worker-related decisions. The Bill has failed to advance in committee. 

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