AI Liability Directive (AILD)

European Commission

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Regulative proposal
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Private and public sector

Policy overview

The AI Liability Directive (AILD), proposed by the European Commission in September 2022, is a key element of the European Union's ongoing efforts to reform AI liability regulations. As part of a broader AI policy framework, complementing the proposed AI Act, the AILD aims to introduce fault-based civil liability provisions for AI-related damages. The directive's core objective is to ensure that individuals affected by AI systems enjoy the same level of protection as those impacted by other technologies within the EU. To achieve this, the AILD seeks to harmonise non-contractual civil liability rules, and to simplify consumers' ability to pursue compensation for AI-related product and service-related damages. The proposed directive is currently undergoing the legislative process and after adoption by the EU institutions, the directive must be implemented in local EU Member State's legislation.

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