Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

The White House

AI Bill of Rights
United States
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Policy overview

The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights is a set of five principles and associated practices developed by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in collaboration with academics, human rights groups, the public, and corporations. These principles aim to guide the development and deployment of automated systems, ensuring they align with democratic values and safeguard civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy. The principles cover the following aspects:  1) ensuring AI systems are safe and effective, 2) protecting against algorithmic discrimination, 3) maintaining data privacy, 4) providing notice and explanation of AI systems, and 5) offering human alternatives, consideration, and fallback options. The principles are accompanied by technical companion, offering guidance for the responsible implementation of the principles. This technical companion serves as a reference for anyone impacted by automated systems and those involved in their development, design, deployment, evaluation, or policy governance. The AI Bill of Rights were published in October 2022.

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