Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

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United States
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Policy overview

An Executive Order issued by President Biden on October 30, 2023 addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. The order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, safeguards Americans' privacy, promotes equity and civil rights, protects consumers and workers, encourages innovation and competition, advances American leadership globally, and more. The Executive Order builds upon voluntary commitments from leading tech companies to ensure safe and trustworthy AI development. The Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence represents a comprehensive strategy to manage the risks and benefits of AI, aligning with the Biden-Harris Administration's efforts to guide responsible innovation in the AI sector. 

The Executive Order aims to establish guidelines and principles for responsible AI development and deployment in the United States.

The Executive Order outlines the policy and principles of the administration for advancing and governing AI and directs various federal agencies to take actions to implement them. The order covers eight areas of AI policy and principles: safety and security, innovation and competition, supporting workers, advancing equity and civil rights, protecting consumers, privacy and civil liberties, managing federal government use of AI, and leading global progress. The order also defines key terms related to AI. It establishes reporting and regulatory requirements for AI developers, users, and providers, especially for dual-use foundation models and large-scale computing clusters that could pose significant risks to national security, public health, or safety.

The Executive Order addresses the issue of foreign malicious cyber actors using United States Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products. The order requires IaaS providers to verify their customers' identity and keep records of their transactions. The order also requires IaaS providers to report any suspicious or unlawful activity by their customers to the appropriate authorities. These measures are intended to prevent foreign adversaries from exploiting IaaS products to conduct cyberattacks, spread disinformation, or engage in other harmful activities.

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