Guidance to Civil Servants on Use of Generative AI

The Cabinet Office

Generative AI
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Policy overview

The Guidance to Civil Servants on Use of Generative AI outlines the expectation for how UK government civil servants should approach the use of Large Language Models as part of their work. Building on the 'Transforming for a Digital Future' roadmap, central government departments have made a commitment to systematically identify and capture opportunities arising from emerging technologies. Civil servants are encouraged to be curious about generative AI and expand their understanding of how it can be used and how it works, and use it responsibly being aware of risks, but living to the opportunities it offers. When employing generative AI tools, civil servants are advised to exercise caution and refrain from inputting sensitive, personal, classified, or non-public government-intended data, adhering to the fundamental principles of GDPR. While generative AI tools can enhance various tasks, civil servants must remain vigilant against potential biases and misinformation present in AI-generated outputs, ensuring proper verification and citation. Users are reminded to uphold their obligations under GDPR and follow the provided guidelines illustrating appropriate and inappropriate uses of generative AI in their roles. The guidance was published on 30 June, 2023 and will be subject to a review six months after the initial launch, to address emerging practices and better understanding of the use cases for generative AI technology.

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