The Interim Measures for the Management of Generative AI Systems

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)

Generative AI
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Policy overview

The Interim Measures for the Management of Generative AI Systems (the Interim Measures) were issued on 15 July, 2023 by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) in cooperation with six other agencies. The Interim Measures focus on regulating public services provided through AI platforms in China. These measures hold companies accountable for their platform outputs and demand strict criteria for the data used to train AI systems. Research-focused technology and services intended for international users are exempted from these regulations. The Interim Measures mandate security reviews and algorithm registration for generative AI service providers, particularly those with features related to public opinion or social mobilisation. These rules apply to both domestic and foreign companies aiming to serve the Chinese public. Notably, the Interim Measures emphasise the training data's quality and legality, requiring respect for intellectual property rights and the utilisation of measures to enhance data authenticity, accuracy, objectivity, and diversity. Service providers must ensure that their outputs align with legal standards, including Core Socialist Values, while also fulfilling cybersecurity and data protection obligations. If illegal content is detected, providers must act swiftly to halt generation, remove content, rectify training models, and report to authorities. Furthermore, if users misuse generative AI services for unlawful activities, providers are obligated to take corrective actions, report such behaviour, and, if necessary, restrict or terminate services to users. The Interim Measures entered into force on 15 August, 2023.

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