Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media

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Synthetic media
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Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media is a framework created by Partnership on AI (PAI) on how to responsibly develop, create, and share synthetic media: the audiovisual content often generated or modified by AI. It provides recommendations for responsible practices for three categories of stakeholders contributing to the societal impact of synthetic media: operators building technology and infrastructure for synthetic media, operators creating synthetic media, and operators distributing and publishing synthetic media. The techniques are based on the core concepts of consent, disclosure, and transparency, and include the following: collaboration to help counter the harmful use of synthetic media; further identifying responsible and harmful uses of synthetic media; and pursuing specific mitigation strategies when synthetic media is used to cause harm. The Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media is a dynamic document. PAI intends to conduct a yearly review of the Framework and is also prepared to initiate a review whenever deemed necessary by the AI and Media Integrity Steering Committee.

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