The Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA)

Government of Canada

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Regulative proposal
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Private sector

Policy overview

The proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) within Bill C-27 in Canada aims to safeguard Canadians from high-risk AI systems, promote the responsible development of AI, and position Canadian companies and values as leaders in global AI development.  AIDA introduces a framework that represents the initial phase of a new regulatory system in Canada aimed at guiding AI innovation in a positive direction and encouraging responsible AI adoption among Canadians and Canadian businesses. AIDA's primary goal is to ensure that high-impact AI systems adhere to established safety and human rights standards.  Additionally, the Act aims to prohibit the irresponsible and malicious use of AI while empowering the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry to enforce these regulations. The Canadian Government plans to further develop the Act based on the proposed framework. This will be accomplished through an open and transparent regulatory development process, involving consultations to collect input from a wide range of stakeholders from across Canada.

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